We have been making a meaningful impact for people from Afghanistan since 2012 – through voluntary engagement, public funds, and donations.
Our Organization
YAAR originates from Persian and carries many meanings. In various cultures and languages, from present-day Turkey to the Indian subcontinent, the term is still used today as a synonym for a special and kind-hearted person who helps, supports, and accompanies others. We are an association of YAARs dedicated to advocating for people from Afghanistan.

Our team

Kholgay Ahmadi

David Amiri

Arezoo Assadi

Walid Daschti

Jeanette Höpping

Zia Moballegh

Zahra Esrafil

Kava Spartak

YAAR is a member of the VAFO federation.

VAFO consists of eleven non-profit organizations that have joined together to form a nationwide federation. VAFO aims to empower the Afghan community in Germany, advocate for their interests at the federal level, and place their visibility in the right light.

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Our Transparency

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