HamWatan is a pioneering project that aims to strengthen the volunteer work of people from Afghanistan and help them participate in Germany. The project is composed of various measures that address the needs of Afghan refugees in Germany. For example, the project recognizes the valuable role of volunteer work in associations and encourages Afghan refugees to get involved. As volunteers, they independently develop information about life in Germany with the help of trainers and media content in Farsi/Dari. The content is then shared with other Afghan refugees to provide easily accessible information on topics such as housing, employment, education, health, and culture. This outreach helps refugees become more self-reliant and navigate new environments.

HamWatan also offers native language classes in Farsi/Dari for Afghan children. These classes serve to preserve the linguistic and cultural heritage while providing a platform for exchange and fostering a sense of belonging.

The project helps to promote the participation of Afghan refugees in Germany, strengthens the skills and self-confidence of the refugees, and supports their children in preserving their cultural identity while improving their chances for a successful future in Germany.

The project is funded by “The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration. The Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism” and carried out by the Association of Afghan Organizations in Germany e.V. (VAFO). YAAR e.V. is one of 9 nationwide VAFO member organizations in the project.